Artistic statement

My work takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. I deconstruct traditional African dances, layer in contemporary dance aspects and arrange them into new conceptual pieces. My choreographic aesthetic is to create expression through the interplay of various elements. From inside to out and from outside to in, internally and externally experiences that connect the physical body with the psychological world of the mind and on to the emotions of the human being and ultimately the soul.

Which rhythms I choose to accompany my work, will impact on how it will be communicated. What music evokes sleeping emotions? And what rhythms can you hear or feel inside you by watching dance? Which pictures will you see in front of your eyes when you hear my rhythms? These are some of the questions I ask myself when I am producing my work.

I explore the unspeakable things in my world, in yours, in our community, in our countries and in the world as a whole. Things that the spoken languish don’t always have words to explain or where it is too difficult to talk about them out loud. I don’t like to accept simple explanations, because I believe that there will always be more than one perspective that could be called true, depending on which side you are standing on. My work strives after the sharing experiences with myself and others and to explore that connection that we can feel, see or hear. I believe that choreography is built on honesty, and dancing beyond the limits of one’s physical body; this is what I strive to do in each one of my works.

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