My first solo

YOU JUDGE – is the name of the solo I created during my final year at Ecolè des Sables and I have already been able to perform it on two different continents. As the title says the piece is about judging and what that tells us about ourselves and the lack of what it tells us about the person we judge. Judging someone doesn’t define who they are but it defines who you’re.

Each time I perform this piece for a new audience I get amazed by the different reactions they give me afterwards. They describe how the piece makes them feel, how it give them goosebumps or how they want to see more.

After one of my performances, I found that the audience indeed judged the piece in different ways and interpreted it from what was important to them in life. Overall the reactions were positive and different people came up afterwards explaining to me what they felt that the piece was about. One of the reactions was that the piece included acts that were provocative and not appropriate for children to watch. And that may be true out of one perspective. But I believe that to shelter children from art that reflects our reality isn’t to make our children a favour. Because if they don’t learn and understand how the reality looks like how can they ever be expected to take a part in changing that reality during their lifetime?

After the latest performance, I did with this piece I got an amazing reaction from a 9-year-old girl who told me; ” the piece looks so powerful and you look like you are fighting a leopard”. For me this is a success, to get my art to move people across borders of nations and generations. Different people, different perspectives. And since the piece is still in development after every performance I get so many new ideas of how to develop my piece after hearing all the feedback, so it keeps being a work in progress. Art is not perfect and my art can and will never be.

/ Robert

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