Ssempijja Robert
Contemporary Artist/Dance Researcher
+256 702 494 997

Robert Ssempijja is a freelance dance artist who has been working on three different continents and with over fifty different companies, projects and choreographers

Company Christoph Winkler, Berlin, Germany2015 – Present
NONFICTION, Paris, France2021
GRIPS Theatre, Berlin, Germany2019-2020
Guest teacher in contemporary dance together with Christoph Winkler
Biennale Tanzausbildung, Berlin, Germany2018
Artist in residency
Denison University, Ohio, USA2018
Keiga Dance Company, Kampala, Uganda2017-2018
Guest teacher in traditional and contemporary dance
Dance Works/ Dance center, Milwakee, USA2017
Guest teacher in contemporary dance, traditional African dances and yoga
Kultivera Art Center, Tranas, Sweden2016
Guest teacher in contemporary dance
Kulturskolan, Halmstad, Sweden2016
Guest teacher in traditional dance and contemporary dance
Dansstudio Magic/ Winter camp, Gothenburg, Sweden2015
Manbya Dance Company, Kampala ,Uganda2013-2016
Kyampisi Child Care Ministries {K.C.M}, Mukono District, Uganda2013- present
Guerilla Dance Company, Kampala ,Uganda2013-2015
Uganda National Contemporary Ballet (Director Valarie Markel), Kampala, Uganda2012-2013
Break Dance project Uganda, Kampala ,Uganda2009- present
Sauti Africa Entertainment, Kampala, Uganda2008-2013
Project “Alienation” premiered online.
Jomba! Contemporary dance experience, South Africa.2021

Concept and performance by Robert Ssempijja.

People United Performing Arts (on) Paper, Trier, Germany. Screening of “Alienation”.

Project “The myth of self-isolation” premiered online. Concept and performance by Robert Ssempijja.
GRIPS Theatre, Berlin, Germany2020

Jomba! Digital Fringe, South Africa. Screening of “The myth of self-isolation”.

Company Christoph Winkler, Berlin, Germany. Piece “When I think of Paradise” premiered at Sophiensaele in Germany as a part of the project “It’s all forgotten now” – A performative mixtape for Mark Fisher.

Performed “ANNKOMMEN is WLAN” (The Arrival) directed by Theresa Henning and Ellen Uhrhan. Toured in Germany 2019-2020.
GRIPS Theatre, Berlin, Germany.2019

Fan Fic Festival, Ballhaust Ost, Berlin, Germany. Project “A HAY A MA MA MA!” concept and performance by Robert SSempijja and Michael Kaddu. Mentored by Christoph Winkler.

Project “You Judge”, concept and performance by Robert SSempijja.
Fringe International Arts Festival, Tranås, Sweden.2018

Ballahaus Ost, Berlin, Germany. Performed “Die Bretter, die die Welt bedeuten”,

choreographed by Christoph Winkler and Robert Ssempijja. Toured in Germany 2018-2019.

Dance Center Columbia Collage, Chicago, USA.  Performed “Ekili Munda | What Lies Within” choreographed by Vershawn Sanders Ward and Jonas Byaruhanga.

Project “Burned”, concept and performance by Robert SSempijja and Oscar SSenyonga.
Climate summit, Swedish Embassy, Kampala, Uganda.2017

Dance Works dance center, Milwakee, USA. Performed “You Judge”.

ARTS/Wests, Athens, Ohio, USA – Performed “You Judge”.

Project “Feelings”, concept and performance Robert SSempijja.
Motion in Humanity project, Dance Theatre Uganda, Kampala, Uganda.2016

Dance Revolution East Africa Contemporary night, Kampala, Uganda. Performed “Rrah” choreographed by Catherine Nakawesa.

Dance Revolution East Africa Contemporary night, Kampala, Uganda. Performed “Dance installation” choreographed by Roger Masaba.
East African night of Tolerance, Kigali, Rwanda. Featuring Guerilla Dance Company.2015
Time to Dance International Contemporary Dance Festival, Tanzania.
The Nomad Express International Festival of Arts, National theatre, Burkina Faso. Guerilla Naming festival, Rwanda.2014

Dance Week Festival 2014 – Performed duo “African Art”, choreographed by Walter Ruva.

East African night of Tolerance, Kigali, Rwanda – Performance with Mambya Dance Company.

Performed with Olivier Tarpaga from Burkina Faso/US.
Dance Transmission Festival, Kampala, Uganda2013

Uganda Beyond 50 years festival, Kampala, Uganda. Fueturing Faizal Mostrixx.

Performed with the Uganda National Contemporary ballet.
Bayimba International Festival of Arts, Kampala, Uganda.2012

Dance transmission festival, Kampala, Uganda. Performed with Speed and Funky.

Dance Week Festival, Kampala, Uganda. Concept and performance by Robert Ssempijja feutering Speed and Funky.

Dance Week Festival, Kampala, Uganda. Performed with Amagezi Gemanyi.
Laba Street Art Festival, Kampala, Uganda. Feutured Breakdance project Uganda.2011
Dance Week Festival, Kampala, Uganda. Featured Breakdance project Uganda.
Hip Hop for Society Festival, Kampala, Uganda. Featured Breakdance project Uganda.2010
Diploma in contemporary dance and traditional African dances
Ecol des Sables, Dakar, Senegal2015 – 2017

“Play and Choreographic Stakes” with choreographers: Andrea Boll (Swiss), Gabriel Smeets (Netherlands), Patric Acogny (Senegal/France).

“Choreography? But Which Choreography?” with choreographers: Karin Vyncke (Belgium), Nora Chipaumire (Zimbabwe/USA), Patric Acogny (Senegal/France).

“From Gesture to Dance, Dancer as performer” with choreographers: Karin Vyncke (Belgium), Nora Chipaumire (Zimbabwe/USA), Patric Acogny (Senegal/France).

Professional training held by the German Sport University Cologne.
National Theatre, Kampala, Uganda.2015

“Break Anatomy Kampala” with choreographers: Denise Temme (Germany), Youngung Sebastian Kim (Germany), Michel Kaddu (Uganda).

Three months professional training in contemporary dance, with choreographers:
Muda Africa Dance school, Dar el salaam, Tanzania.2014

Julie Larisoa (Madagascar), Vanessa Tamburi (Italy), Wesley Macari (Rwanda), AydaRahnama (Germany), Isaac Peter (Tanzania) and Anna Bussey (Canada).

Certificate in contemporary and traditional dance.
École de Danse Irene Tassembedo (Edit) Ouagadouguo, Burkina Faso.2014

Workshop with dancers from all over the world, held by Irene Tassembedo (Burkina Faso/France), Esther Taranga (Burkina Faso/ US), Sandra Mathern smith (US), Shoko Kashima and Chico Kashima (Japan).

200 hour Yoga Certificate for teacher training.
African Yoga Project, Nairobi, Kenya.2014
Transforming traditional dances to contemporary dance and choreographing.
Guerilla Arts Traditional Dance Camp, Kampala, Uganda.2013
Professional training with Olivier Tarpaga from US/Burkina Faso.
National theatre, Kampala, Uganda2013
Training the technique Acogny for three month. Training held by Oscar Ssenyonga.
National theatre, Kampala, Uganda2013
I trained for five months prior starting professional performances with them,
Uganda National Contemporary ballet, Kampla, Uganda2012

This is a national dance company based in Kampala, Uganda. Director and choreographer from France; Valarie Markel.

Uganda Certificate of Education
New Global Secondary School, Kampala, Uganda2012
I trained with Sauti Africa prior starting performances with them,
Sauti Africa, Kampala, Uganda.2008

Sauti Africa is a traditional dance group based in Kampala, Uganda.

Chairperson of the association
Dance Revolution East Africa (DREA), East Africa2015- Present

Chairperson of the association, which creates performing-, work- and networking opportunities to dancers and choreographers in the contemporary dance field in eastern Africa. The organization also promote collaborations with international stakeholders and choreographers.

Program Coordinator, Art and dance classes facilitator
Gujja Ting African Art (GTAA), Kampala, Uganda2012-2019

Helped create a youth empowerment organization for African youth. Guijja Thing crosses geographical and creative borders to empower youth and help them create marketable artwork. I continued as the Program Coordinator as well as Art and dance classes facilitator.

“Pick-of-the-fringe” Awardee.
Jomba! Contemporary Dance Experience, South Africa.2020
Mambya Performing Arts Foundation, Uganda2017

Motivation; For his extraordinary contribution towards growth and success of the Art of Dance in East Africa.