I’m not a person who watches TV

I’m not a person who watches TV. I don’t own a TV so that might contribute to it. Instead, I follow the news on the internet and read articles there. But a few days ago when I visited a friend I had an opportunity to watch TV for some good time. Curiosity got hold of […]


Written in November 2017 I have been in so many different discussions with fellow dancers about how help or developing our dance community in Uganda, we always have different views on what are the problems of the community, where we always talk about our problems but not the solutions, where we talk about what needs […]

My letter to Mama Africa

Dear mama, I’ve decided to write a letter to you because I have so many things I want to tell you. But firstly, let me introduce myself and let you know that I am sorry. I am sorry mama. Who am I you might wonder? I am one of your sons, but I know you […]

The most popular Dance Art Form in Uganda

The most popular dance art form in Uganda is Hip-hop or call it Breakdance, which means that most dancers in Ugandan are hip-hop /urban dancers, now this also means that most of the dance events that happen here in Uganda are in that category of style. Now I know you’re asking yourself how come?